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”The Cloud Mystery” tells the story of how Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark found empirical evidence that Galactic comic rays from exploding stars and variations on the Sun are producing clouds in our atmosphere, and thereby recognized as a major climate driver on Earth.
We follow Svensmark over the years when he is confronted with strong opposition from “settled science” – but also – when supported by fellow scientists that finds his ideas complementing in our understanding of past and present climate.
(The film was released in 2008 but is still of current interest and discussion as it documents the scientific discoveries).

”The Cloud Factor” is a breaking news update. The last piece in the puzzle that finally nails the story told in ”The Cloud Mystery”.

A breakthrough in the understanding of how cosmic rays from supernovas can influence Earths clouds and thereby climate. It gives an understanding of why changes caused by Solar activity or by super nova activity all are seen to change climate.

The story told by Dr. Henrik Svensmark, DTU space, Lead author of the study and Professor Nir Shaviv, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Is climate driven by humans or natural forces? Water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas. The role of CO2: Is it dangerous? Will the Maldives be inundated? Climate models are exaggerating. Urban heat island effect. We are living in cold times comparing with the last 10.000 years and beyond. Interviewees are: John Christy, David Legates, Sally Balliunas, Fred Singer, Jørgen Peder Stefensen, Dr. Henrik Svensmark, Nir Shaviv,  Nils Axel Morner and many more…